About Us

Greate International is a non-for profit organization registered in Nepal which has a vision of contributing to self-reliance, sovereign nation and dignified people with the objectives of serving people and organizations as a think tank group to bring intellectual thinking in nation building process to ensure the implementation of commitments of people and organizations by enhancing governance system in the areas of all resources mainly natural, human, social, political, financial and physical resources and environment for the benefit of society.  

Its core business are in three areas namely transforming people, institutions and systems for which there are several themes that the organization aims to be engaged actively. These include: Local and grass roots institutions, rural-urban linkages, food security, climate change, youth and employment and economic growth. Engagement in these themes will be based on the overarching cross cutting principles and practices of good governance, human Rights, gender and social Inclusion and information technology. 

GREAT’s strategic actions are mainly research, analysis, system development, capacity and relationship building and policy engagement and dialogue for which the key approaches will be partnership for co-creation, local, national and international cooperation and nature based solutions.  

The organization has a seven member Board of Trustee which provides strategic guidance to achieve the objectives of the organization.  

Core Business

Transforming people: Enhanced agency, resilient and balanced power relations

Transforming institutions: Changes in governance, policies and actions of state, civil society and market institutions

Transforming systems: Sustainable changes in political, socio-ecological and market system.

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Training on Developing Leadership Capacity for WEFE Nexus Actors

The project had 22 participants, 16 facilitators and 6 panelists

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